Tree Trimming Services in Oxford, MS

Tree Cutting ServiceA tree that’s overgrown is a problem for itself and anything around it. It takes the talented dedication of an experienced tree trimming service in Oxford, MS to ensure your trees are well-maintained and trimmed appropriately, to avoid issues stemming from overgrowth.


Problems with Overgrowth?

Untamed trees will keep growing and growing, eventually putting themselves through unnecessary duress. Some of the problems overgrown trees can present include:

  • Branches that crack and break under the weight of untamed limbs
  • Overcrowding of branches that causes nutrient deficiencies and dead limbs
  • Sun blockage, creating problems for lower-level branches
  • Instability that can come from a higher center of gravity and more mass

All of these issues lead to dangerous situations, such as a tree that’s prone to falling limbs or one that sways violently during a storm. A tree pruning service in Oxford, Alesville, Lafayette County, and Woodland Hills Estates, MS can thin out the branches to ensure the tree remains healthy and stable.


Tree Pruning Service


Signs of Overgrowth

Tree Trimming ServiceNot sure if your tree needs tree pruning services? Keep your eyes out for a few telltale signs, including:

  • Leaning or lilting to one side, caused by excess weight
  • Excess of dead limbs or dead leaves in the growth season
  • Extreme density in the middle and upper branches
  • Unwanted growth overhanging homes or utility lines

A tree cutting service in Oxford, MS can quickly identify and remedy these problems by properly trimming and pruning the tree. It’s good for you and healthy for the tree, making it a win-win situation!


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Tree trimming services aren’t for amateurs! Before you get up on a ladder and put yourself and your tree at risk, contact the professionals at Dewees Tree Service, LLC for reliable service that’s expedient and thorough. Contact us at 662-380-0151 for a free quote on tree cutting services and tree pruning services, tree removal, or stump removal.